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At the Convention, LifeVantage announced their new distributor support product, the LifeVantage Pro Audio Series.

I heartily recommend you sign up for this series today. They’re CDs that are sent once a week direct to your home with some fantastic training and coaching from the top people in LifeVantage. Here’s some of the recent offerings:

  • “Product & Business” – Bill and Cynthia Delaney
  • “A Good Start” – Sheree Gillaspie
  • “Do What You Say” – Marcell Niederhauser
  • “You Can Do It” – Stu Brodie
  • “Burning Desire” – Jason Domingo
  • “Life Purpose” – Dr. Dondee Nettles

These top-quality recordings cost a measly $3.00 per week, including postage!

Earlier today, I was kind of down-in-the dumps. So I went to the gym, listened to Jason Domingo talk about BURNING DESIRE, and it turned me around…KABOOM! Here’s a hint: SIGN UP TODAY!

Log in to your back office, go to “Distributor Services”, then go to “Order Processing”, then select “Autoship Orders” and sign up. You’ll be glad you did!

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