Paul Myhill, Co-Inventor of Protandim

Whenever original thinking takes place, those with inferior intellectual abilities try to tear it down and use character assassination to  discredit the thinker.

Whether it’s jealousy, financial gain, or a control issue, there’s always an ulterior motive at play. Just ask Galileo.

Paul Myhill is the original Inventor of Protandim. Dr. Joe McCord perfected the formulation. Protandim would  never have been brought to the marketplace if it wasn’t for both of these original thinkers.

What follows is a quote from Myhill’s Facebook page.


“I love Protandim and LifeVantage. They are indeed “my babies” and a great part of my legacy. They have changed my life and the lives of thousands around the world. I think the current management team and distribution model are excellent. All the distributors I have met or talked to are simply amazing. As David Brown mentioned at Elite in San Antonio, this is the embodiment of my original vision for the company and product.

“I also need to say that there are not “two sides to the story” as far as the development of Protandim is concerned. There is only one story – and it honors my involvement and Joe’s involvement, plus the involvement of the One who was ultimately responsible.

“Nobody lied. Nobody covered anything up. Sure, there have been some misspoken words, media/reporter errors, and some confusion over terminology: inventor versus formulator; creator versus developer, etc., but this has been because we are simply human and not perfect, because we were treading into uncharted territory with the development of this game-changing product, and because we went through quite a few management team changes until we were blessed with this one. I take my fair share of the blame for the confusion caused along the way, and for not remaining engaged with LifeVantage during those dry years.

“Please don’t let the naysayers and critics dissuade you. This is an excellent company with an excellent product and excellent folks involved at all levels. I’m very proud of my involvement in the past, present and future.

. . . And that future looks incredibly bright!”

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