Dr. Joe McCord is the Chief Scientific Officer of LifeVantage

Dr. Joe McCord

We all know that Dr. Joe McCord is the Chief Scientific Officer of LifeVantage. Most of os have also heard that he’s the co-discoverer of a very important substance called Superoxide Dismutase (aqlso known as SOD). His contribution to the discovery was significant enough that SOD is measured in “McCord Units”.

I did a little digging to see what else I could find out abour Dr. McCord. Here’s some of what I discovered.

Dr. McCord has published more than 200 articles in numerous scientific journals and books. That’s no small feat! That’s five per year, assuming he’s been at it for 40 years. And not all articles that get submitted get published!

What interested me most is what the Franklin Institute, the organization that awards the Elliott Cresson Medal, says about Dr. McCord on their website:

“Recipient of The Elliott Cresson Medal, along with Irwin Fridovich, for their work of discovering and elucidating the biology of free radical reactions and their enzymatic controls of living organisms, as well as the pathology of free radical diseases.”

That is an amazing statement. If I understand it correctly, Dr. McCord was one of the people responsible for discovering and explaining the Free Radical Theory of Aging.

That’s HUGE.

That’s like discovering GERMS or that the world is ROUND or ELECTRICITY. He’s like Pasteur or Galileo or Ben Franklin.

One hundred years from now, medical science will be based on something Dr. McCord discovered.

Would you like to meet Dr. McCord? I can’t make that happen, but I have a strong suspicion he’ll be in San Antonio at the Elite Academy in October. While you might not be able to have dinner with him, you will get to hear from him and maybe shake his hand if you come!

See you there?

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