I just read a really intelligent article on Nrf2 Activators and why the drug companies are RACING to catch up to what we have in Protandim. Here’s a couple of the best take-aways:

“There are few practicing physicians who could pass a current freshman medical school test on any of the basic sciences, and the  information is changing at an almost exponential rate. Nrf2 is one of those things that basic scientists, in this case, biochemists, know about that your doctor does not.


“In spite of peer-reviewed studies listed on pubmed.gov documenting the compound’s amazing effectiveness, practicing physicians are not likely to give it any credence because it doesn’t fit in the mold of their established channels of information. Their position seems to be: “I am an expert, and I haven’t heard of Nrf2 activation. Now you’re telling me that a network marketed supplement could be the most important advancement yet in my own specialty, and I don’t know about it? It’s bullshit.”

Read the complete article here.

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